In terms of Scientific Research, the methodology provided by the Network includes solid and reliable studies in all regions of the planet, the best example is the use, among other studies, of Randomized Clinical Trials for obtaining clinical data.

Together with this, they intend to implement extensive observational studies related to the prevalence and incidence of a large number of parameters corresponding to maternal, fetal and newborn well-being.

A brief summary of each of these studies is given below:

Randomized Clinical Trials

Observational studies

Studies and research

studies and research


It´s aimed at pregnant women and in the postpartum phase, with the objective of promoting physical activity, physical exercise, and behaviors framed in a healthy lifestyle in this special phase of life, having been elaborated by a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the areas of physical exercise, nutrition, medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy.


Pregnancy & Exercise is an international network composed of researchers from universities of seven countries that, in collaboration with Hospitals, Foundations and other institutions, carry out different studies about the influence of physical activity during pregnancy on the health of mother, fetus, new born and even the child.

If you or your institution want to collaborate with our network, we invite you to contact through the following link. Please include a brief description of the institution (university, medical centre, foundation or others), the country of origin and previous or present projects in this scientific topic.