Visual pills

Next, we put at your disposal short videos that, as a “pill” mode, can serve you as an example to exercise during pregnancy. All these videos have been taken during the performing of Exercise Programs, supervised and guided by professionals of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, of AFIPE Research Group of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


From Pregnancy & Exercise, we recommend that whenever you go to start any program or exercise during pregnancy, previously consult your gynaecologist regarding possible (or not) obstetrics contraindication for exercise. We also strongly recommend seeking advice and supervision of a professional of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, expert in exercise during pregnancy.


The presented videos do not represent an exercise program in themselves or replace the guidance and supervision of an exercise professional during pregnancy. Pregnancy & Exercise is not responsible for improper use of these resources, for the performance without a previous gynaecology advice, or the performance without the supervision of a professional in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

Activation phase in a working session

Joint mobility during a work session

Aerobic part during the working session

How does exercise affect pregnancy?