hospital majadahonda programa ejercicio fisico embarazo saludable

The project “a physically active pregnancy” begins in three hospitals of Madrid area.

During January, February and March 2020, the project “A physically active pregnancy” will begin, as a result of the Collaboration Agreements between  the Universidad Poltécnica de  Madrid and different public hospitals of the Community. The project is coordinated by the AFIPE Research Group, of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences-INEF and will be developed at the Hospital Universitario Severo Ochoa de Leganés, Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro de Majadahonda and Hospital Universitario de Torrejón. The Gynecology and Obstetrics Services of these hospitals are the basic pieces and actively participate in all phases of the project.

The project is base don a Randomized Clinical Trial, the pregnant participants must receive obstetric-health care in these hospitals and have a medical consent for their integration into the study. The intervention used is a physical exercise program, 3 days/week (50-55 min per session), from weeks 10 –12 of pregnancy, to the end of the third trimester (weeks 38–39). The entire program will be performed in hospital facilities and under obstetric supervision

The physical exercise program is designed and developed by Sports Science professionals. The physical activities that will be used are based on the existing scientific evidence, these are atractive and safe activities for all those pregnant who have obtained the medical consent of their gynecologists. In addition, the supervision and monitoring of the program by sport professionals, guarantees the individualization and specificity of the exercises proposed to the needs of each pregnant woman, taking into account that the program follows basic Design Guidelines for the entire pregnant population.